Rose sparkling wine

Bottle size: 0,75 L

Vintage: 2018

Slovenian tradition of Blaufränkisch strung on a necklace of sparkling wit. Energy of youth is caught in the braid of pearls symbolising the lightness of the not yet opened berry blossoms.

Distinctive colour and taste
The wine is very gently pink. The bouquet is youthful, fruity, simpler but pleasant. It smells of red fruits and raspberries. When you drink it, the wine is dry, it contains more bubbles – in accordance with the charmat method. Pleasant sparkling wine that can be drunk at any time.

Stylish youthful freshness
Served from an ice bath it enchants us with its freshness. It goes well with grilled food, pasta and dried meat. It is best expressed in the year after grape harvesting.

Interested Tasting note
Rose sparkling wine


Bizeljsko - Sremič

Serving temperature

6 - 8 °C




Rose sparkling wine


extra dry


11,0 vol. %


Žametna Črnina

Tasting note

The wine is a very delicate pink color. The flower is youthful, fruity, pleasant. It smells of reddish fruits and raspberries. In the mouth, the wine is dry, the bubbles are more abundant, according to the charmat method. A pleasant, made sparkling wine that we can imagine at any time.


2019: Vino Slovenija silver

Bottle size

Volume: 0,75 L


5.000 vines/ha



Annual production

26.000 bottles/ leto



Vine training

Double guyot

Residual sugar

18,9 g/l

Ageing potential

Cool to appropriate and enjoy.


6,80 g/l


Immediately after the completion of the secondary fermentation, it is filled into bottles.


South and SE

Quality scheme

Protected designation of origin (PDO)


Marl and sandstone with limestone binder

Harvest notes

Gently placing grapes of Žametna Črnina in a crate to minimize damage to the grapes on the way to the cellar. Harvest in the dew, with the fastest possible delivery to the cellar. The grapes were further cooled with dry ice upon receipt. The grapes are cultivated in a nature-friendly way, are strictly selected and are picked exclusively by hand.


Delivery to the basement was followed by pressing under low pressure. The sparkling wine is prepared by the charmat method, ie the primary and secondary fermentation took place in steel tanks.


In special bottles for sparkling wines, immediately after secondary fermentation.

A culinary tip

A culinary tip

Aperitif sparkling wine, it goes well with grilled food, pasta and dried meat. Recommended temperature of serving is between 6 and 8 °C.

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