Rosé Lepú

Bottle size: 0,75 L

Vintage: 2022

In the game of contrasts between red and white, old and young, Rosé Lepú was made from the grapes of the Blaufränkisch . It is ideal on a sunny day.

Distinctive colour and taste
Provençal shade. The intoxicating fragrance of peaches and pears. A delicate scent of acacia can be detected. It is a harmonious wine. The modern style of rosé which conquers American as well as European wine drinkers.

Rosé Lepú


Bizeljsko - Sremič


Rose wine


10,5 vol. %

Tasting note

Very gentle pink color. Intoxicating scent of raspberries and pears. It goes well with risottos, pasta with pineapple sauce, dishes with sweet and sour sauces and Indian food.

Bottle size

Volume: 0,75 L


5.000 vines/ha

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