Modri Zajc

Bottle size: 0,75 L

Vintage: 2017

Modri Zajc is wine made from over-ripe grapes of indigenous Blaufränkisch grown only in our own vineyards. Blaufränkisch is wine of the future. It has the highest rate of resveratrol of all wines.

Distinctive colour and taste
It prides itself with deep ruby colour with some shades of purple. Maturing, undergrowth, mushrooms and mature dark red berries, light wooden notes as well as a bit of spicy flavour can be felt. When tasting, it is dry, acidity is moderate, it is balanced, tannins are softened up, its character resembles a bouquet with many black notes. With years it gains its typical maturing fragrance.

Beneficial effects on well-being
Blaufränkisch is distinguished with high content of resveratrol, antioxidant which has beneficial effects on our well-being and health.

Interested Tasting note
Modri Zajc


Bizeljsko - Sremič

Serving temperature

18 - 20°C




Red wine




11,5 vol. %



Tasting note

Wine is deeper rubine colour with violet shade. One can sense the undergrowth, mushrooms and ripe dark red fruits. It passionately combines with venison, dishes with mushrooms, dried meat and cheese.

Bottle size

Volume: 0,75 L


4.500 vines/ha


Continental climate

Annual production

5.300 bottles/ leto



Vine training

Lower sparrow vine cultivation

Residual sugar

1,8 g/l

Ageing potential

It gains with age, best in 6-10 years period after the harvest.


5,7 g/l


Just before the sale.


South and southwest location

Quality scheme

Protected designation of origin (PDO)

Harvest notes

Top quality harvest with short grape delivery from wineyard to start of maceration. Grapes are nurtured nature friendly, strictly selected and picked exclusively by hand.


Maceration takes place in high steel tank, where contact between grape skin and grape must is maintained with constant slow mixing. Fermentation is started with indigenous yeast. Maceration takes 10 days.


After the finished fermentation the wine is beeing enriched for 6 months in wooden barrel, after which it is matured in steel tanks until bottling.

A culinary tip

A culinary tip

It is best served with mushroom dishes, venison, dried meat dishes, grilled food, aged cheese and blue cheese.

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