Bottle size: 0,75 L

Vintage: 2019

Cviček Zajc is unique and famous Slovenian wine, made from specific red and white vine varieties which are grown in a specifically determined area in the Dolenjska region.

Distinctive colour and taste
It is characterised with its ruby-red colour with a light shade of purple. The pleasant flavour of berries and small fruits of the forest goes well with extremely low level of alcohol and small content of sugar, which makes Cviček Zajc especially refreshing and suitable for diabetics.

Wine for every day
Its fruity bouquet and fresh pleasant fruit energy go well with typical Slovenian and other dishes. Cviček Zajc is wine for every day. It should be served cooled to around 13 °C.

Interested Tasting note



Serving temperature

12 - 15° C




Redish wine




10,0 vol. %


Žametna Črnina, Blaufränkisch, Kraljevina, Welschriesling, Rumeni Plavec

Tasting note

Gentle ruby ​​color with a slight purple tinge. The bouquet is lively, fresh, with reddish fruits, nicely defined. Dry in the mouth, light, sparkling acids, even in the mouth, the fruity character is beautifully defined, the wine is decidedly harmonious. In addition to typical Slovenian cuisine, it is also served with poultry, pasta and dried meats.


2019: Decanter Bronze
2019: Vino Slovenija gold

Bottle size

Volume: 0,75 L


4.500 vines/ha


continental climate

Annual production

22.000 bottles / leto



Vine training

lower sparrow vine cultivation

Residual sugar

1,2 g/l

Ageing potential

Enjoy now. It is legally prescribed that it can be on the market for only 30 months from the day of harvest.


6,65 g/l


right before sell


south and SE

Quality scheme

Protected designation of origin (PDO), wine "PTP"


Limestones and dolomites

Harvest notes

Harvesting of grape varieties for Cviček takes place in September and October. The majority in Cviček is Žametna črnina, which is the last in the regular harvest, followed by the Blue Francionian (15%) and white varieties (15% of white varieties: Kraljevina, Štajerska Belina, Zeleni Silvanec), and the least contains Welschriesling (up to 10%). . Each variety is processed separately. The grapes are strictly picked and harvested exclusively by hand.


Maceration of each variety takes place separately in steel containers. When the fermentation is over and the wine has calmed down, we make a typification - mixing different varieties according to the statutory proportions. The charm of Cviček PTP is also that every year there is a slightly different varietal composition.


After typification, the wine matures in refrigerated stainless steel tanks and waits to be bottled just before sale.

Law restriction

Cviček is unique and famous, law regulated Slovenian wine, made from specific red and white vine varieties which are grown in a specifically determined area in the Dolenjska region.

A culinary tip

A culinary tip

People of the Dolenjska region like drinking it at the traditional Sunday lunch or when they eat Carniolan spiced pork sausage. It goes perfectly with veal in sauce, meat rolls or tenderloin.

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