Cviček Bio

Bottle size: 0,375 L

Vintage: 2018

Cviček is a Slovenian and world speciality. Produced according to the guidelines of organic production, it is a speciality in the Dolenjska region as well.

Distinctive colour and taste
It is distinguished with its ruby-red colour with a gentle shade of purple. The bouquet is gentle, it smells of reddish fruits. Lightness in alcohol, pleasant acidity and small content of sugar make Eko Cviček Zajc especially refreshing and suitable for diabetics.

Wine for every day
Its fruity bouquet and fresh yet full taste go well with typical Slovenian and many other dishes. Cviček Zajc is wine for every day.

Cviček Bio



Serving temperature

12 - 15° C




redish wine




9,0 vol. %


Žametna Črnina, Blue Franconian, Kraljevina, other white variatels allowed with Law legislation of wine Cviček PTP

Tasting note

The wine is a gentle ruby ​​color. The bouquet is delicate, smells like reddish fruit, quite colorful for Cviček. From a classic Sunday lunch with beef soup, roasted potatoes and roast, to a light refreshing salad with cheese and toast. Due to its extremely low level of sugar and alcohol, it is considered one of the most universal wines for a wide variety of cuisines. If we especially recommend it to a dark chocolate cake.


2019: BIO Vino Slovenija silver

Bottle size

Volume: 0,375 L


2.800 vines/ha


continental climate

Annual production

1.500 bottles/ leto



Vine training

single guyot

Residual sugar

1,7 g/l

Ageing potential

Enjoy now. It is legally prescribed that it can be on the market for only 30 months from the day of harvest.


6,77 g/l


right before sell


south and SE

Quality scheme

Protected designation of origin (PDO), wine "PTP"


Limestones and dolomites

Harvest notes

The white and red varieties are harvested in two days. The white grapes were picked in late September, just before the rain. Red varieties in early October. All crates of grapes were marked and listed. The organic vineyard stretches along the slope of Knežija, where it is planted in terraces. Each picker makes almost 5,000 steps to cross the vineyard terrace.


Maceration of white and red varieties takes place separately in tubs, and after the maceration is completed, typification is performed.


After typification, the wine matures in refrigerated stainless steel tanks and waits to be bottled just before sale.

Law restriction

In addition to the Law legislation of Cviček PTP, this wine is also produced according to strict guidelines for organic grape production and processing into wine. It has obtained an ecological certificate from the KON CERT Institute.


Only with natural substances approved for organic farming.

A culinary tip

A culinary tip

From typical Sunday lunch with beef soup, roasted potatoes and roast to light refreshing salad with cheese and toast. Because of extremely low level of sugar and alcohol it is considered as one of the most universal wines that suit every type of cuisine. We recommend it especially with cake with dark chocolate.