Beli Zajc

Bottle size: 0,75 L

Vintage: 2019

Like a poem it combines welschriesling, yellow muscat and royal white. Never trapped in an oak barrel, it prides itself with lightness of fruits put upon an elder blossom. It is created for those who seek fruit flavours in fresh white wines.

Distinctive colour and taste

Beli Zajc is white couvee – a sort of two world and one indigenous variety each of which contributes its characteristics. Welschriesling gives its strong body, yellow muscat gives its fragrant bouquet and royal white gives its youthful acidity. A lemon-like shade sparkles in the glass. The bouquet is medium stressed and youthful. The wine is dry, light and simple.

Ideal for refreshment
It was created for those who seek fruit flavours in fresh white wines. It is perfect with grilled chicken. For refreshment, you can mix it with mineral water (1 : 1) in the shadow on a sunny summer afternoon. It is the best a year after grape harvesting.  

Interested Tasting note
Beli Zajc



Serving temperature

10 - 12 °C




White wine




11,5 vol. %


Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay, Sauvignon

Tasting note

Light fruits, elderflower. Vibrant, fresh bouquet. It's great basis for a sinfully good gemist. Serve with grilled chicken and salad in the shade of the afternoon summer sun.


2020: Vino Slovenija Silver

Bottle size

Volume: 0,75 L


5.000 vines/ha


continental climate

Annual production

12.000 bottles/year



Vine training

lower sparrow vine cultivation

Residual sugar

8,0 g/l

Ageing potential

Cool to appropriate and enjoy.


6,98 g/l


right before sell


South and SE

Quality scheme

Protected designation of origin (PDO)


Limestones and dolomites

Harvest notes

Harvesting took place by varieties in the morning. Each variety waited for the moment of appropriate ripeness of the grapes. The grapes are nurtured in a nature-friendly way, are strictly selected and are picked exclusively by hand.


The grapes were immediately pressed, and then each variety was fermented separately with indigenous yeasts. After the fermentation was completed, we performed typification and stored the wine in a chilled steel tank.


After typification, the wine matures in refrigerated stainless steel tanks and waits to be bottled just before sale.

A culinary tip

A culinary tip

It should be served with grilled chicken and salad in the shadow on a sunny summer afternoon. You should also try it with sauteed asparagus wrapped in bacon.

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Where Zajc wines are born

Across the Gorjanci bordering Bela krajina, along the Krka river all the way to its outflow into the Sava river the hilly Dolenjska continues across the Sava river towards Sremič and Bizeljsko area. This is where family Zajc make wines full of life.