Our Estate

Our family runs winemaking as 5th generation and prides itself in a long-standing unbroken wine tradition dating back to 1858 when Cirnik, our oldest vineyard, was planted.

Our History

Winemaking tradition is derived from the wine tradition of families Zajc and Curhalek. The tradition dates back to at least 1858, when the registration in the land register for the oldest family vineyard on Cirnik in Jesenice in Dolenjska is documented. With the marriage of Ivana Curhalek and Božidar Zajc the activity of both families was gradually taken over by the Zajc family, which invested in the reconstruction and expansion of vineyards and modern equipment. In 2007 the family arranged a modern cellar at Impoljca near Sevnica.

Our Family

Soon after getting married to Ivana Božidar took over small family winery to continue the Zajc wine tradition. Their sons Božidar Jr and Marko have been helping in vineyards of both families. In the 1990’s the Zajc family decided to join the traditions of Curhalek and Zajc families and improve the wine story.

As the fifth generation Božidar and Marko now run the company with support of their parents and excellent associates.

Our Wineyards

Cirnik near Jesenice in Dolenjska is our oldest vineyard since 1858. It is a great vineyard with perfect position where never in history hail or frost have been noticed. Next important step was planting a new vineyard in 2003 on Knežija near Novo mesto. Now we produce grapes in seven vineyards across Dolenjska and Bizeljsko-Sremič region.

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